Paper Flower Tools & Supplies

Paper Flower Tools & Supplies

You've been asking, and here's the list for the supplies that I personally use for Paper flower Making. Enjoy ! 

Materials & tools 

1. Italian and German Crepe Paper 

- Carte Fini  : Discount Code 

Rose Mille


2. Floral wire  : They comes in different sizes, choose whichever works best for you. I usually use 18 gauge for my flowers and 20,22 for the leaves. 

3. Floral Tape 

4. Scissors : It's best to use fabric scissors since the crepe papers are almost at the same thickness. 

Small Scissors 

Large Scissors : 

Discount code for all Beaditive products

5. Wire cutter : I recommend to always use wire cutter to cut your wire not scissors. 

6. Glue 

- Tacky Glue

- Sobo Glue

7. Coloring 

- Panpastel 

- Ecoline Brush Pen

- Color spray

- Soft Pastels 

Coloring supplies

8. Protection  

- UV spray

Drop me a message on a comment section below if you have any questions or any other suggestions. 


  • Posted by Ying on

    What were the color of the paper in your kit? So I can get the same color :) Thanks.

  • Posted by Lisa Goff on

    So much fun. Everyone loves my peony. Thank you Poy!

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