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Holiday gift guide that is beautiful and smell *EXTRA* nice!

Holiday gift guide that is beautiful and smell *EXTRA* nice!

Summer Space Studio's bespoke handcrafted paper flowers pairing with Merchants of Beauty's high quality candles.

Holidays are upon us, we are already looking into items that would make our home cozy, warm and channeling some holiday spirit to prepare for a new beginning 2022 is bringing. 

If you are looking to decorate your space with everlasting paper flowers, we are teaming up with Merchants of Beauty, a lux boutique candle brand based in NYC, to give you a pairing you never knew you needed to brighten your space. 

1. La Donna and Romantic Rose

First, we have La Donna, housed in a bold red French tumbler, designed to invite you to explore beauty beneath the surface.  Paired with the classic and romantic Rose flower, a flower everyone knows by its name, synonymous with beauty and romance. 

2. 4 AM and The Manhattan

A candle that pays homage to NYC, “the city that never sleeps.”  There is always something happening in NYC.  Paired with an arrangement of white and blue anemones representing the moment that sparks a new idea; ideas blossom at all times in NYC, 4am subway rides home or morning runs that start your day.  What’s your 4am story?

3. Smells Like Success and Sangria

It’s all in the name, Smells Like Success, there is no better affirmation than what meets the eye.  A dynamic blend of oud and rose, housed in a French glass tumbler offers you the sweet scent of accomplishment.  Pair this candle with the Sangria floral bundle.  Inspired by the drink Sangria, which is often shared between friends, the Sangria bundle represents the sentiment of celebration, encouraging you to share your wins and biggest accomplishments!

4. Glow N' Flow and Dear Dahlia 

Last but not least, a masterpiece of Summer Space, Dear Dahlias. The process of making this 1 flower took more than 6+ hours, from preparing the paper, cut, shape, glue, twist and assembly.  The end product is totally worth it!  Beautiful floral colors paired with the sentiment of the Glow N’ Flow candle, together this bundle will bring you all the relaxation vibes! 

We hope we've made your life easier by these pairing, let us know which one is your favorite and who would you like to give them to. 

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Happy Shopping! 

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