Anniversary Paper Florals

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Looking for ways to preserve your wedding flowers forever?
Let me help celebrate your anniversary with this one-of-a-kind gift that will last forever.

Bridal Bouquet Recreation

You loved your wedding flowers, spent $$$ on them and only have to look at them through photos. This service, I will recreate your bouquet so you can keep them forever. All the details are made by hand, from paper dying, sculpting and prototyping. The price ranges from $300 - $800 depending on the complication of the flowers, timeline and the size of the bouquet. The average lead time is 6-10 weeks. I suggest you submit your inquiry earlier than later. 

Flower Stem Display

Each flowers has their own meaning and representation, I created this design for the flowers to act as a statement piece of art at your home. The flower will be displayed on a handcrafted wooden candle taper that is customized for Summer Space's paper flowers only. This is where you can request to have the flowers you love with certain size or colors and they don't have to exist in the real world. The price starts from $200 and the lead time is 3-5 weeks. 

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Wonderful and easy to work with - great communication
and couldn't be happier with the outcome of the flowers!

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