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All things paper, creative practices and behind the scenes from our studio
A guide on how to pick paper flower bouquet as a gift to self or love ones

How to pick a paper flower bouquet

Flowers have an enchanting way of speaking to the heart, conveying emotions and adding a touch of beauty to any occasion. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, expressing affection, or simply aiming to brighten someone's day, selecting the right flower bouquet can make a profound statement. Ho...
How our Custom Design works?

How our Custom Design works?

Check out how our custom design service works. Whether you are looking to recreate a bridal bouquet recreation for your wedding anniversary, unique gift for housewarming gift, or a flower that represents your special day to treasure your memory forever.
summer camp for adults in New York

My childhood dream came true!

I went to an adult summer camp last weekend, and it was an amazing experience. I didn't know what I had signed up for until a few days before. I thought I was going glamping with my cousin for a Jack and Jill party, but it turned out to be a "Parent Trap but everyone is drunk" type of thing. Esse...
Artificial Orchid flower for luxury home decor, house warming gift for hosts. Handcrafted and special Orchids as gift for new job promotion. Office decoration flower

Paper Orchids : Tropical Paper Flower Series

A project documentation for paper Orchid. Poy walks you through her design process of making an exquisite flower, Moth and Cymbidium Orchid as the first flower of her Tropical Paper Flower Series. A passion project she decides to make to reflect on her childhood and happy moments from her vacations.