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How our Custom Design works?

How our Custom Design works?

Check out how our custom design service works. Whether you are looking to recreate a bridal bouquet recreation for your wedding anniversary, unique gift for housewarming gift, or a flower that represents your special day to treasure your memory forever.

Custom design paper flower is an exciting and rewarding process that allows you to cherish a one-of-a-kind creation. By following these steps and working closely with us, you can bring your vision to life and have a breathtaking paper flower that will be cherished for years to come. 

Why order a custom design? 

No two occasions or spaces are alike, and neither should your decorations be. With custom-designed paper flowers, you have the freedom to choose the flower type, size, color, and other intricate details, making each creation as unique as you are.

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How to order

1. Submit your inquiry

Design process and sample paper flowers for personalization project

Share with us your vision, photos, budget and other details. We'll get back to you with a proposal with options, sketches and sample flowers including the estimated production timeline 


burgundy and pink bridal bouquet Sketches and design process for romantic bridal bouquet

This client wants to recreate the BEAUTIFUL bridal bouquet. We presented them with options to match their budget and sample of the papers along with flowers we've made in the past. 


2. Production

Once we've agreed on the design and the deposit is received, we will notify you with the production starts and give updates with the prototypes and other processes 


Example 2 

This is a project for a wedding invitation where we have to match the Pink Phlox to the aesthetic of custom illustration and box design. We shared with the client several options of pink paper and paint techniques along with green papers for the leaves. 


3. Signed, Sealed, Delivered 

Once the production is done, the flowers will be protected with UV protection spray and we'll provide you with care instructions and tracking number. They will be wrapped and/or packed securely with sustainable and recyclable materials. A handwritten notecard is included if you're gifting this to someone


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Below are the links to selected projects you can see further. 

1. Pink Phlox for a wedding invitation 

2. David & Norah's Bridal Bouquet Recreation

3. Apricot Blossom for Chinese new year gift

4. Hibiscus Stem for a wedding anniversary

5. Blue blossom for grandma's birthday 


Ready to create the magic together? Submit your inquiry here or submit your questions below. 

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