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Paper Flower Tools & Supplies

Paper flower making supplies list and tools for Summer Space's paper flower workshop

I've been making paper flowers since 2018 but my love for art supplies and stationeries started far before that. Yes, I'm one of those people who would spend hours at craft stores to test on pens and look through notebooks and paints. 

This blog, I'm focusing on supplies and tools in paper flower making specifically, and I'm going to update the list every quarter so please let me know if you have questions on the comment box below.

ps. Some of these links are affiliated but I only include the product I use and love. 

A photo of all the craft supplies to make paper flowers including scissors, paints, cutting mat, and glue

Materials & tools 

1. Crepe Paper Vendors

Please check their shipping policy for International shipping.

  • Cartotecnica Rossi Most of paper in our studio is from this vendor, they are based in Italy and the item codes are referred from their website.
  • Carte Fini  An US-based company, ships fast from San Diego

  • Rose Mille This is where I source my German crepe (only comes in 160 grams) and Doublettes. Ships fast, good quality.
  • Crepe Paper Crafts Canada-based vendor, carries Cartotecnica Rossi's products and other paper flowers accessories. 
  • PaperMart They have all of the thing paper, from packaging to ribbons. their crepe paper isn't the same quality as Italians and Germans but I do use some of them for certain projects. Great customer service and range of colors. 

2. Floral wire  : They comes in different sizes, choose whichever works best for you. I usually use 18 gauge for my flowers and 20,22 for leaves and greeneries. 

18 gauge

20 gauge

22 gauge

3. Floral Tape Personally, I prefer cutting the green paper into smaller strips. It's oddly satisfied when the stem has matching color as the leaves. 

4. Scissors : It's best to use fabric scissors since the crepe papers are almost at the same thickness. 

  • Small Scissors  I use this one for detailed cutting and smaller leaves. 
  • Large Scissors  I go back and forth between Gingher and Kai 5210 . They are really similar, I personally prefer Gingher because how they fit with my hand and the weight is just right for me.
  • Fringe cutting This is my new favorite when I'm cutting a lot of fringes. Our hands will thank you. 

5. Wire cutter : I recommend to always use wire cutter to cut your wire not scissors. 

6. Glue 

- Tacky Glue Dries clear, this is what I use for most projects.

- Sobo Glue This is a fabric glue, it's a little thicker than Tacky glue and I often use it for 180 grams paper. 

7. Coloring 

  • Panpastel Create a realistic look for your petals. Often use with these soft sponges and applicators. It's great for blending and give an ombre look to your flowers. Contains chemical ingredients, please take an extra caution if you have small children or pets. Always use a piece of paper or a mat while applying and wash your hands thoroughly after use. 
  • Ecoline Brush Pen The easiest coloring tool. Easy to apply and comes in a lot of colors. I usually use this Pentel-Aquash Water brush to blend or spread the paint. Always test it in a small amount or scrap papers before applying on your flower. Remember to squeeze the water in smaller amount first, I only use this pen for 180 and 160 grams papers. 
  • Design Master Color spray Only use this in a well-ventilated place, always wear a mask while using it. Very strong smell, let it aired over night after spraying. 

Coloring supplies

8. Protection  

Always use these spray in a well-ventilated area, air-dried after spraying and keep away from pets and small children. 

  • Protection spray While you do not want to place paper flowers in direct sunlight. Protection spray can prolong the dye and paint for the flowers. They comes in Matte and Glossy. You can use whatever you see fit for your projects.   
  • Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer: An alternative option to protect your flowers. Easy to use, non-yellowing.

Drop me a message on a comment section below if you have any questions or any other suggestions. 


  • Posted by Lisa Goff on

    So much fun. Everyone loves my peony. Thank you Poy!

  • Posted by Ying on

    What were the color of the paper in your kit? So I can get the same color :) Thanks.

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