Hello there! 

My name is Poy Twitchsri-Granati and I am the person behind Summer Space Studio :)

I am a UI&UX designer on a daily basis and I am passionate about all-thing-papers. When I had a down time in 2017, I finished 100 Days of Paper Flower and decided to start Summer Space Studio. 

Summer Space Studio is named after the fact that I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand - the land of always summer, when I moved to NYC in 2012 - thinking of Summer makes me happy and it reminds me of good memories with my family and friends. So when I work on any type of crafts - making rubber stamps, scrapbooking, pop up books, paper cut etc are something that makes me happy as well. So I tied these together and making it a space that I work on things that makes me happy. 

This studio is specialized in Paper flowers arrangements, bouquets, installation art for decors, weddings, celebrations and more. The studio's work is also revolving around calligraphy and watercolour illustrations as well.

I am always open and looking for collaborations and commission if you have any ideas or wanna chat simple say hi at poy@summerspace.studio and we'll cook the unicorn dust together.