Hi! It's nice to meet you! 

My name is  Poy Twitchsri-Granati and I am a founder of Summer Space Studio.  I  taught myself paper flower making through a project called '100 days of making'
in 2017. After I finished the project, I fell in love with paper flowers and started this studio on the side while she was working as a UX designer.
I took my paper flowers and walked around the streets of New York City asking stores to do pop-ups, host workshops or decorate the stores with me and that's how things takes off. 
During the pandemic, I pivoted to focus 100% on Summer Space and has been waking up happy ever since 

I am now residing in Long Island,NY with my husband and studio's boss cat named Willy. Thank you for following along my journey and if you'd like to contact me please email me at poy@summerspace.studio I'm always down for a chat for collaborations or anything about paper flowers. 
Talk soon,