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Celebrating AAPI heritage month with paper Jacarandas

Celebrating AAPI heritage month with paper Jacarandas

Passion in full bloom. Celebrate API heritage month with Summer Space x Adobe

Happy Friday, 

Last week (May 13th, 2022) I had a pleasure working with Adobe to celebrate API month by showcasing my expertise in paper flower making. On this blog, I'd like to share the story, process, tutorial link to rewatch and downloadable instruction. 

The story 

Being born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand with a big family and my grandmother  who was a great cook, gardener, and a crafter. When I was young, every day after school my  sisters, cousins and I would always help my grandmother make coconut milk from scratch to  

make curry and pick some flowers around our house to decorate the dishes. Little did I know, a  big tree with purple-ish flower that was in front of my grandmother's house was her favorite  flower, Jacarandas. Teaching myself paper flowers led me to research more about my family's  heritage and story. How my grandparents worked so hard to provide for all of us to live  comfortably. Making paper flowers not only allowed me to reconnect with my own roots, but  also led me to share the story and hope to inspire others to be proud of where they came from  as well. 


Design process

I started from researching the flower since it's been a long time I've seen Jacarandas in person. Then, I made a prototype and testing out different paper weight. In the photo above, I use 80grams crepe paper and violet Panpastel to add some highlight. I then decided to change the template in order to make it work for other types of paper in case the audiences would want to try making this flower with cardstock as well. 

The materials

materials and tools in making paper Jacarandas. Scissors, glue, pastel and watercolor

In this tutorial I am using 180 gram Italian crepe paper, white watercolor, violet panpastel and tacky glue. If these materials are not available to you, you can use cardstock, markers or glue gun as alternatives. 


You can rewatch my step-by-step tutorial here. You can also use this printable instruction to get a FREE template for the Jacarandas. Please do not forget to tag @summerspacestudio and @adobe when you're done making the flowers! I'd love to see them. 

Last words

Thanks to those who joined the live and celebrate API month with me and Adobe. I hope you are inspired by my story to create your own version of paper Jacarandas. Please drop me a comment below if you have any questions or if you would like to see me making other flowers. 


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